Fashion’s Night Out this year is going to be a big event for Bape and BBC. If you don’t already know what Fashion’s Night Out is, it’s an event where the flyest of the flyest (Yeezy, Pharrell, Me, etc.) show up at stores for one-of-a-kind parties, sales, and items. In the past years, Bape has released the sought after Kid Cudi Party Tee (you can get ‘em for over $100 at least) and has had some amazing sales, along with the appearance of Kanye, Nigo, and Cudder. BBC has had sales as well, along with a N*E*R*D performance in the middle of West Broadway and a meet-and-greet with Skateboard P himself. Gotta love FNO.

These two brands, BBC and Bape, have always been brother and sister. It’s like you know they’re alike, but they’d never make a baby, you know what I mean? No? Well, Nigo helped Pharrell start BBC up and get the manufacturing done, with the same market scheme: high prices, limited quantity. In terms of the actual style, however, they were on two totally different planets. Bape had always possessed a Japanese flare (well duh, Nigo’s Japanese…). BBC, on the other hand, was more about things that relate to a billionaire’s lifestyle, with a little childish and ostentatious vibe blended in. I had always thought that these brands were meant to be separate, and would never meet on the design level. This has all changed, with BBC and Bape’s little announcement on the FNO website this morning:

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