Vans Zero Lo. There’s a lot I can say about these shoes but, I’ll keep it short. The design of these Vans are arguably by-far one of the best consumer received designs by Vans. The design is so exclusive it was initially only intended for Vans Syndicate as a collaboration with Supreme designer Luke Meier. That release became so successful that it was decided it was only smart to make the Zero Lo a regular in-line release.

It is available in the simple colorways black, navy, and khaki featuring a canvas upper, waxed lace to the public. These shoes appear to be casual but, are completely ready for skaters. They made an appearance in the Spring of 2011, all available now through select Vans retailers, including retailers like Premier and Silo.

Personally, I think it’s a really smart move on Vans behalf to implement the Zero Lo into the core skate line, amazing all around sneaker.


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