Tiger the Butt of Airline Joke

Southwest Airlines launched an ad for cheap fares on its Web site using an animation that draws on the controversy surrounding Tiger Woods' crash. The “eye of the tiger” sale uses an animated Bengal Tiger crashing a car into a fire hydrant followed by an announcement indicating where to to find flights for as little as $9.

Tough Times for Yohji Yamamoto

On a busy Sunday afternoon during this past Art Basel weekend in Miami, the lone sales guy at Yohji Yamamoto’s Y3 on 40th street stood outside of an empty store. What seemed innocuous enough makes all the sense in the world when put in context of Yamamoto’s bankruptcy filing 8 weeks ago. Sometimes a smoke break at a boutique fashion label ain’t just a smoke break, it can also be indicative of the environment many businesses are operating in. Consumers still aren’t ready to shell out dollars on big ticket fashion items even on what is historically a good weekend for retailers. via {WSJ}

Tomoo Gokita at Honor Fraser Gallery

Christopher Knight reviews Tokyo-based painter Tomoo Gokita and his show of ethereal blue-and-white canvases "Heaven" {LA Times Blog}

Style Code: 136046-041Release Date Changed

As Nike has been known to switch release dates by a few days even when there's an officially announced release date for a given shoe we hear the Air Jordan XI Retro Space Jams initially set for release on Christmas Eve will come out December 23rd.